why are kinder eggs banned in the US?

Gepubliceerd op 24 juli 2023 om 16:14

Kinder Surprise eggs, known as Kinder Eggs, are beloved treats for children worldwide due to the delightful combination of chocolate and toys. However, despite their popularity, these candies with a surprise inside have been banned in the United States for a long time. In this article, we explore the reasons behind the ban on Kinder Surprise eggs in America and how it relates to safety and consumer protection.

What are Kinder Surprise Eggs?

Kinder Surprise eggs, originally produced by the Ferrero Group, are hollow chocolate eggs that contain a small toy surprise within their core. The concept is based on the combination of the joy of candy and the element of surprise in discovering a little toy inside the egg. These treats are a popular indulgence in many countries around the world.

Why are they banned in the US?

The ban on Kinder Surprise eggs in the United States is due to strict food safety regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These regulations are intended to ensure the health and safety of consumers, especially young children.

The main issue with Kinder Surprise eggs is that they do not meet the FDA's food safety standards. In the United States, foods that contain non-edible objects, such as toys, are prohibited. This is due to the significant risk of choking, especially in young children, who may accidentally ingest the toy.

The FDA imposes stringent requirements on food safety and has a "zero tolerance" policy for potentially hazardous products. Therefore, Kinder Surprise eggs do not meet the criteria for sale in the US, as they not only pose a choking hazard but are also considered non-edible.

A modified version for the US: Kinder Joy

Despite the ban in the United States, the Ferrero Group still wanted to find a way to enter the American market with a similar treat. In response, "Kinder Joy" was introduced. This modified version of Kinder Surprise eggs has a different structure that complies with US regulations.

Instead of a single chocolate egg with a surprise inside, Kinder Joy consists of two separate halves. One half contains an edible cream instead of a toy, while the other compartment still contains a toy surprise. This reduces the risk of choking and allows the treat to be legally sold in the US.